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120 Trinity Place
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Prostate Microwave Thermotherapy (TUMT)

Prostate microwave thermotherapy (TUMT) is a non-surgical therapy for treatment of enlarged prostate that makes urination difficult. The Urology Clinic uses the TherMatrx® system, which has an excellent record of efficacy and safety. Prostate microwave therapy is a first-line alternative to lifelong medications and less invasive than surgical treatment.


  • Insufficient response or failure of medical therapy
  • Desire to stop taking prostate medications
  • Urinary retention


Prior to undergoing prostate microwave therapy patients are thoroughly evaluated with cystoscopy and prostate ultrasound to assure the procedure is right for them. The day of the procedure the patient uses an enema to clean the rectum and takes several medications to relax the bladder and improve comfort. The patient lies on an exam table on their back and a specialized catheter is placed into the urethra, in addition to a monitoring probe in the rectum. The TherMatrx® system then closely monitors the prostate while delivering microwave energy for treatment.

Patients should follow the TUMT instructions sheet prior to this procedure.


  • Non-surgical treatment of an enlarged prostate
  • Quick and efficient office treatment
  • Excellent safety
  • Allows most patients to stop taking prostate medicines after the procedure
  • One-time procedural expense (compared to monthly cost of medications)

Side Effects

A catheter is left in the bladder for a few days after the procedure. Most patients will have some irritation with voiding for a few days after the catheter is removed. On occasion, after the catheter is removed from the bladder, a patient is unable to void, and the catheter needs to be replaced for a few additional days to allow the swelling to diminish.