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120 Trinity Place
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Urethral Bulking Agents

Urethral bulking agents are specialized materials injected into the tissues of the urethra to improve urethral closing and urinary continence. The Urology Clinic specializes in the minimally invasive treatment of female incontinence and offers a variety of treatment options, including the latest procedures. For individuals with low-pressure stress urinary incontinence, urethral bulking agents are an option that can provide excellent results. Not all patients are candidates for urethral bulking agents, and in some cases repeat injections are required.


  • Stress incontinence


The patient is brought to the operating room (either at the hospital or ambulatory surgery) and sedated or given an anesthetic. Using a cystoscope to visualize the bladder and urethra, the doctor uses a specialized needle to inject the bulking agent into the urethral wall. The area is then carefully inspected to insure the optimal placement of material, and additional bulking material is injected if indicated. The bladder is then drained, and the operation completed, with the patient able to be discharged home that same day.


  • Minimally invasive treatment for low pressure stress urinary incontinence
  • May be repeated if necessary
  • Quick and efficient outpatient treatment
  • Easier recovery and return to normal activities

Side Effects

  • Occasional dysuria
  • May need to be injected more than once for optimal effect
  • Rare transient difficulty voiding or need for temporary bladder catheter.