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120 Trinity Place
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Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS)

An artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) is a prosthetic device, surgically placed, for the permanent correction of male incontinence. The Urology Clinic uses the AMS 800™ device and has been designated as a Center of Excellence for the placement of artificial urinary sphincters. This particular procedure is not suited for all patients, as there are many causes of incontinence in men, but is highly effective in men that have significant stress urinary incontinence.


  • Significant stress urinary incontinence
  • Medication therapy failure


The patient is brought to the operating room (either at the hospital or ambulatory surgery) and given a general or spinal anesthetic. The operation is usually performed through two small incisions, and the device is placed around the urethra, with the control pump placed in the scrotum. The entire operation takes about an hour; the patient is able to go home that same day; and the device is activated in four to six weeks after the surgery.


  • Permanent correction of urinary incontinence
  • Outpatient surgery with short recovery
  • Good success rates and low complications

Side Effects

Most patients will experience some swelling for several weeks following the surgery, but this soon resolves, and the device can then be activated. With the placement of any prosthetic device, there is a risk of infection, but this occurs rarely. Most AUSs will function for many years, but with time they may need to be replaced or revised.